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Trip Visualizer
The Trip Visualizer summarizes trip history data from transit systems. It displays trips between stations, letting you analyse trip patterns.

The data comes from four bikeshare systems:

And one subway:

When a station or cluster is selected, the program draws lines to or from other stations that form significant station-pairs. For each selection, the largest value is drawn with an arrow 10 pixels thick, with other values scaled appropriately. Values below 1 pixel are not displayed. The map will be panned and zoomed so that all visible lines fit within the viewport. You can zoom and pan on your own to look at the map more closely.

Hover over a station to view its stats. The number used to calculate the thickness of the line will be highlighted. You can view stats for a station even if a line wasn't drawn to it.

Clusters of stations are listed on the drop-down menu below individual stations. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts to select clusters.

There are two ways to select custom clusters. By hitting the "1" key, all stations currently visible on the map will be grouped in a cluster. By hitting the "2" key, a circle is drawn over the map. Any station in the circle will be chosen for the cluster. You can click-and-drag the circle control points to move or re-size the circle. Toggle the "2" key to remove the circle.

Thanks to Mobility Lab for supporting this project.

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