Geo GIF 
Create an animated streetview GIF
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frames: , ms per frame:
pitch: , field of view:


Geo GIF lets you turn Google Street Views into animated images. Drag and drop the pin to a street on the map, using the "spin around a point" option to create a 360°-view animation. Double-clicking the map will also move the pin. Or use the "move down a line" option to create an animation moving in a forward-facing straight line. You can drag the line's end points to any street.

Customize the animation by choosing the size, the number of images to use in the animation, and how long to pause between images. The size can be as large as 640x640 pixels. The larger the image, and the more frames used, the longer you will have to wait for the image to appear.

This works only where Street View is available. If images aren't found, the result will include Google's blank placeholders.

Save the image by right-clicking.