Uncover secret puzzles with HANGMAN!

Hangman is a favorite childhood word game where you guess the letters of a hidden puzzle. Choose puzzles from a variety of themes. Three of the themes use subway system station names as the hidden puzzles (Chicago "L", Washington Metro, Paris Métro).

Playing the Game

To make a guess, click on a letter or press it on your keyboard. All occurances of that letter will be revealed. Try to guess the puzzle without 5 mistakes.

Letters not appearing in the puzzle are written below the puzzle in red. After your fifth bad guess, you lose the game. Puzzles will not repeat during your session. Ready? Play Hangman!

Using Tweets for Puzzles

Twitter Hangman lets you convert tweets into puzzles. Select a Twitter user, and Hangman will build a set of puzzles from their recent tweets. Tweets over 100 characters and excluded, since long pizzles are less fun. Tweets with more than 17 different letters are also excluded, to makes the puzzles more challenging. Links are replaced with "«»".
Twitter name:

Get started with these sample Twitter accounts: nytimes (The New York Times), meganamram (Megan Amram), kathygriffin (Kathy Griffin), aplusk (Ashton Kutcher), TheEllenShow (Ellen DeGeneres),

Create your own custom Hangman puzzles!

Have fun creating your own puzzle. Enter the custom word or phrase below. After your custom puzzle, successive puzzles will be drawn from the chosen theme.

*Puzzle will be converted to uppercase. Do not include "+" or unicode.

To be alerted when new themes are added, see Mystery Incorporated. To read more about this game, see Creating Hangman in JavaScript and Custom Hangman Puzzles for Valentine’s.


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