Michael Schade
Bikeshare Mapper Capital Bikeshare 2016 Stats Square Mile Mapper Metro Density Demo of transit.land API A Day with No Metro Side-by-Side Router Arlington Travelsheds Bird's-eye view of CaBi stations RGB Washington Monuments 2013 daily ridership stats for Capital Bikeshare Voronoi diagram of CaBi stations DC/Arlington Bike Shop Map Yelp Map G+ Places Map Trip Visualizer Market Mapper CaBi Range Activity Mapper Force Diagram Metro Places Citi Bike Mapper Metro Distortion Map Metro Pac-Man Passenger Origins and Destinations Bay Area Bikeshare Station Status History Color Picker Projected WMATA GTFS Animation Passenger Information Display Meetup Explorer Stat Mapper Metro Hangman 11,485 bus stops Arlington Historic Sites Kaiser Permanente Explorer Flickr Calend'r Strava Explorer Echo Scrolling Display Letterball Heatmapper WordWhere CaBi Mapper CaBi Dashboard Perpetual Happiness Flickr Finder Geo GIF Capital Bikeshare, Oct 1-7, 2012, Arlington CaBi trips on Mar 23, 2012 (ripples) 2014 Q3 CaBi Trips CaBi Trips to/from the Jefferson Memorial

I create tools and data visualizations using transportation data. Most of the projects shown here use data and APIs from Capital Bikeshare and WMATA.

My main language is JavaScript and CSS, with some experience with the D3 library. I use PHP to write my own proxy scripts to access APIs. I create QuickTime animations using Java (via Processing).

I work with many APIs: Google Maps, Google Places, WMATA, Yelp, the USDA farmers markets API, Meetup, Twitter, Flickr, and Interchange by Kaiser Permanente, as well as XML feeds from Capital Bikeshare and Citi Bike.

I consult with Mobility Lab and also run the Transportation Techies Meetup group.

My blog is at mvjantzen.com/blog.